I’m so glad that you’ve dropped by to learn a little about my labour of love – Enchanting Cakes, based in the Hills District of NSW. It’s no secret that all my passion flows into creating delicious, custom-designed novelty cakes and cupcakes for your special occasion. Now let me just add – this is not about a production line! Here at Enchanting Cakes I make sure that each piece is a unique work of creative art, perfectly suited to your needs. Maybe you have a divine picture that you want accurately copied? Or you want to chat about the perfect cake design for a very special occasion? Whatever you need, I’d be so happy to help you out with all of your decorated cake needs.

Let me tell you a bit about what goes into my decorated cakes and cupcakes (other than HEAPS of love and care). First of all, I bring to my work over 10 years’ experience in cake creation for all sorts of events including weddings, corporate functions, birthdays and other celebrations. I’m a bit of a stickler for best-practice production too. I only include high-quality ingredients such as free-range eggs, fresh from the farm. And since my kitchen is at the heart of my creations I insist upon spotlessly clean space for my ‘enchanting’ work.

Have a look over on the flavours and fillings page if you’d like to get your creative juices flowing. We can work out things like the numbers attending, possible weather, and the set-up of your event as we start to select the best combination and design. But don’t worry about getting lost in the details; this is the stuff that I live and dream about! There are so many fun and exciting cake decoration options that I know we can find your perfect delicious creation. And, I’m pretty easy to find for cake pickup in the Hills District – or we can work out a delivery option in some cases.

So if you’d love to have a unique and delicious decorated cake (or set of gorgeous cupcakes) for your next occasion, let’s have a chat. I don’t do many projects a week, as I like to give my undivided focus and creativity to each enchanting cake.

Thanks again for dropping by my site. I look forward to lending my passion, fun and creativity to your next special occasion!